Saturday, June 16, 2007

Newly weds!

We got married on May 5th, 2007! So now begins a new life together! Neither of us stuttered or stumbled, I said "I do" and she said "I do" so we do, it's a done deal, and that's what really matters. We were also very pleased to have so many friends and family there, and we were pleased that everything turned out beautifully. The dress, the cake, the flowers and decorations were all so lovely, thanks to Kevin's amazing sense of style, excellent taste and color coordination (ha!)

Kissin' in the vineyard
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Fixing Kevin's Tie
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Kissin' in Black and White
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Jostling for the Garter
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Playing in the Bouncy House
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Beautiful Cake
(tasted good too!)


ryan and kristi said...

finally! glad to peep in on your new little family. looks like you two are having a good time enjoying your new partnership. keep posting. kristi

Krysta T. said...

HI Sarah!

I am so happy to see you glowing and so content. Kevin looks great! I hope to keep in touch!